Our team has worked on and provided lighting and sound for concerts of many styles and genres. From jazz concerts performed to thousands of people and intimate solo guitar performances, through to promo events for breakthrough artists.

Artists’ we have worked with include: Lady gaga, Example, New Young Pony Club, Georgie Fame, Ellie Goulding, Ah Ha and many others.


We’ve worked on conferences for many blue chip companies but also charities and smaller organisations too. There’s not one too big or small for us to bring our approach to. Whether it’s a single presenter at a lectern - to a complex multimedia presentation for a plenary session with an audience of hundreds, we can do it.


Branding is key to many companies success and we are here to help make it even more exciting and high impact. We’ve got lots of experience in logo projection, from a small logo in a meeting room to logos that cover the side of buildings, but we can also provide more experiential ideas.


We’ve provided a range of services to many sorts of events. Be it a small, bespoke sound system for a party or pattern projection and uplighting for a dress dinner, we can provide something to make your event even more special and memorable.


Theatre has been an important part of life to many of the people involved in Radiance Production. As such we maintain an involvement with a variety of theatre companies and drama schools and are always looking to become involved with further ones.


Exhibitions have been a major part of our development. We’ve worked on long term installations in museums that have evolved over time to week long exhibitions that have promoted the benefits of various products.

How we work

Our designers and project managers have experience in all aspects of technical production so we’ll provide you with a clear proposal for all the aspects we’re providing and one that ties in with third party suppliers too. Teamwork is important to success so we welcome questions from all those involved in your project, especially you! We also like to let you know as early as possible who the key people are so you can talk to them direct should you wish to.

Our staff and freelance partners are chosen for their attitude as well as aptitude. Sometimes last minute changes happen and it’s important to be able to embrace and enhance them.

Health and safety is very important in our working practices and we can produce risk assessment etc to help show this. All of our onsite employees have the SPA Health and Safety passport (Live Events) and most of our freelance partners do to. A safe working environment is everyone’s responsibility.