September 4th 2010
Merton's Got Youth Talent

Radiance Production were asked by Wallder Management and The Mayor of Merton to provide a range of services for a borough wide talent competition.

As well as project and production management we provided lighting design, sound equipment and all the crew necessary to make the show happen. Lighting equipment was provided by White Light and video by Photo Finish Productions.

The lighting system was based around an Avolites Pearl lighting console and a key rig of JB Lighting A7 VariLeds, Martin Mac 600 wash lights and Mac 700 spots as well as colour block and pin spots.

The wide variety of acts taking part made a digital sound console a key requirement and the Yamaha LS9 that took care of front of house and monitor duty proved ideal. PA for the room comprised of a Turbosound sound system using Q light series mid tops and TSW 218 sub woofers. Monitors were provided using EM Acoustics M12s.

Peter Wallder at Wallder Management

“We were extremely happy with Pete and his team; they made the show really stand out and ensured that all the young people taking part learnt what a professional event entails. The lighting was stunning and the sound system ensured that everyone in the house had the opportunity to hear every word including the judges’ sometimes controversial comments!”

April 18th 2010
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